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Testimonials & Case studies

  • "Small and flexible organization, nice people and easy to communicate and collaborate."

    Esa Aittomäki, Senior advisor,

  • "Innomedica provided valuable support in opening the doors and speeding up our partnering process with Mars Veterinary. Their contact network was essential especially at the beginning of this effort."

    Tuomas Poskiparta, GenoScoper Laboratories, Managing Director,

  • "Innomedica has an excellent understanding of the market and expertise in the company covering their profile. During the project we had the feeling they were part of our team and had a very good personal communication and clear targets."

    International Business Manager, Medium Size Public Diagnostics Company,

  • "By utilizing Innomedica´s team and know-how we achieved a faster access to negotiations with European companies. This also saved us valuable time and resources for our other ongoing operations."

    Dr. Jari Rautio, Plexpress, CEO

  • "The company entered into a licensing and development agreement of the Traumakine program in phase II for acute lung injury (ALU/ARDS) treatment with Maruishi Pharmaceuticals for the Japanese market. Maruishi Pharmaceuticals is the leader in critical care medicine in Japan and the ideal partner for Traumakine in Japan. "

    Faron Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

  • "Innomedica provides services with much over what we expect, which is definetely rewards to the cost."

    Marketing Manager, Large Multinational Public Corporation,

  • "The company entered into a licensing agreement on its VAP-1 antibody program with the Japanese company Seikagaku Corporation. The agreement is valued at USD 16.7 million, including a signing fee and milestone payments."

    BioTie Therapies, Ltd.

  • "Seeking new distributors is typically time-consuming. You need to screen numerous companies and be able to pick up the most promising ones for the negotiation process. This can be challenging.  Our distributor partner search in the Nordic countries was carried out in an efficient and professional way by Innomedica. "

    Ralph Neuberger, Human GmbH, Managing Director

  • "The company entered into a licensing and development agreement with Teikoku Seiyaku for the Japanese market. The agreement granted Akela Pharma with royalties on sales and manufacturing revenues for supplying the finished product."

    Akela Pharma, Ltd.

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