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May 10, 2013

Recent hospital patient statistics in Japan

The recent announcement of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Japan regarding hospital patient numbers tells us  that in-hospitalization is slightly decreasing by 1.5 % and the period of in-hospitalization is also shortening by 1.2 %. There were 1 […]

April 15, 2013

Five years of shortening of drug development by industry-academia collaboration in Japan with the new system

The Japanese government is planning to start the easing of regulations in 2014 to connect research results of university hospitals to development of new medicines for intractable diseases, e.g. Alzheimer’s disease. 15 hospitals including the University of Tokyo hospital will […]

March 5, 2013

Pharmaceutical Market in Japan in 2012

The total market size of the pharmaceutical products in Japan was  103 billion USD in 2012. Blopress by Takeda Pharmaceutical for blood pressure treatment was sold worth 1.23 billion USD making it the best selling pharma product of the year […]

January 14, 2013

Companion Animal Health Market in Japan

The companion animal market in Japan is attractive with over 20 million companion dogs and cats. According to the study of Japan Pet Food Association in 2011 there are over 11.8 million dogs and 9.7 million cats living in Japanese […]

November 9, 2012

New functional food, new Pepsi cola drink in Japan

Japan is the largest market for functional foods and especially very attractive market for drink products, including functional and health drinks. Health drink products are part of daily healthcare procedures for a large part of Japanese population. Consumers are loyal […]

August 21, 2012

Newest hospital statistics for Japan

There were close to 8,500 hospitals in Japan in May 2012. One of the definitions of a hospital in Japan is the number of beds for in-hospitalized patients. The Japanese hospitals need to have at least 20 beds to be […]

June 8, 2012

Cancer in Japan

More than 350 000 people died of cancer in Japan during 2010. This means that every third death in Japan was caused by cancer. Lung cancer was the biggest reason for death for male cancer patients, with little over 50 […]

March 13, 2012

The best-selling products in the Japanese pharma market in 2011

The Pharmaceutical market in Japan grew 6.9 % in 2011 to 115 billion USD. Aricept (Eisai) for alzheimer’s disease was the best-selling Rx product with 14.9 % growth to 1.754 billion USD. Blopress (Takeda) for hypertension treatment was the second […]

March 1, 2012

Japan allergy market – the season is on

It is said that about every fourth Japanese person suffers from pollen allergy. There are over 60 types of pollens in Japan causing allergic conditions and many people get allergies from several pollens, but about 80 % of the pollen […]

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